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Love for animals, that’s what it’s all about in my practice. This applies to all animals, from mouse to elephant.

You can contact me for a Naturopathy Consultation, or an Animal Communication session. The reason for a consultation can be very diverse. Things I can help you with:

  • Your animal has a chronic illness that does not pass or comes back again and again
  • Your animal is not feeling comfortable, but you can not exactly indicate the cause
  • Your animal has behavioral problems
  • Your animal has a physical condition that you want to solve by natural means
  • The regular treatment is not working (sufficient) and you would like naturopathic support for your animal
  • You want to keep your animal in optimal health
  • You wonder what is best for the welfare of your animal
  • You want to understand your animal better.

The animal in it’s own uniqueness is my guide during a consultation. Together with the owner, I will look at how we can make the animal healthy and happy.  As you know, a happy animal makes the boss happy too right?

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