Arlette Lemmens

I can not imagine a life without animals and nature. Since childhood, I have been able to experience very close contact with animals, and they kind of showed me the world.  A strong natural link between humans and animals was obvious to me and formed an integral part of my life.

After the atheneum  I studied Biology, but after a few years I found out that I wanted to work with people too.  I completed a 4 year University degree in Organizational Psychology and worked in that field for 15 years.

My love of being with animals never went away. I completed several courses for animal communication and energetic treatment methods . My passion for working directly with animals was reignited and a logical next step was to study Veterinary Natural Medicine.

During the following  4 years people, animals and nature came together in a smooth way.  In 2017 I completed the 4 year certification as Animal Therapist. and my dream became reality. A specific field of work that provides space for animal and human health and well-being.  For this I use my knowledge and experience, nature, real contact, intuition and energy.


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