Thank you for scheduling an Animal Communication session. Here’s how to prepare for your appointment:

In order for me to make contact with your animal I need a good picture ( with eyes) and the questions you have for your animal. Also a short description of the situation; what are the difficulties/ reasons why you want me to make contact your animal. The names of the persons/or other animals who have most contact with your animal. And ofcourse the name and age of your animal.

It can be that your animal has a somewhat different agenda and wants to talk about something else that is important for him to voice. I always give space for the animals I am in contact with, so I never know how a consult will go. When I receive a photo I will contact the animal within a week. The timeframe set in agenda  (GMT + 1) is not always the same time I will make contact. After the conversation I will email you my findings and the dialog in a full report.

Learning the thoughts, emotions or advise from your animal can be very moving and profound. But also very joyful and hilarious. If you feel you would like to connect with me after reading the report, we can meet on zoom for a 30 min follow up session within one month of the first reading. 


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