What is it

Intuitive or telepathic communication with animals is the exchange of information in the form of energy between humans and animals through thoughts, images and feelings. This is the language of the heart, the universal language with which all forms of consciousness communicate.
Often, it is the spoken language that prevents us from communicating to animals and even to other people because we then neglect most of the other signs and signals that bring the message.

How does that work?

Telepathy is our primeval language, communication through feeling and a heartfelt connection. It is the language that all living beings understand. Energy is all around us and intuitive communication takes place through energy transfer. Think of a flock of birds in the sky , or a school of fish, that move in beautiful formation, appearing as one.  A good example is also the behavior of animals prior to a natural disaster. Long before the event, the animals move to higher areas, caves or seek another way of protection. The animals are alerted and know what’s coming before the humans do.  Animals are still in touch with their innate listening. When we go back to believing in ourselves and in nature, the way back  ‘home’ begins. There where everything and everyone is one and we will regain our wisdom again.

When a consultation

The reason for a consultation can be very diverse. During a session it often becomes clear what an animal thinks, why it behaves the way it does, or what you can do to have a better bond with your animal. Often animals want to make something clear with their behavior. Sometimes it happens that there is no cause for apparently physical complaints and a conversation or energetic treatment can provide much clarification or relief. However, a consultation is in no way a replacement for a veterinary professional. Questions about, for example, an approaching end of life, a new housemate or preparing the animal or her pup for a move can provide much clarity.

What does a consultation look like?

The consultation takes place remotely. I do not need to meet in person with you or your pet for the communication to work. Before the consultation, you send me via email a clear photo of your animal, their name and age, along with a brief description of what you want help with and your specific questions.
We schedule the consultation for a time when your pet is at home or resting. if your pet is very busy playing or going on a walk, it’s more difficult to contact because their attention is then distracted. That’s  why it’s best if I know at what times your pet is at home.
A telepathic consultation usually takes about 1 hour. After the conversation I will type everything out and email you my findings so that you as owner can clearly read the dialogue. Most animals have a lot of wisdom to convey and think it is important that the information can be read back by the owner.
Learning the thoughts, emotions or advise from your animal can be very moving and profound. But also very joyful and hilarious. If you feel you would like to connect with me after reading the report, we can meet on zoom for a 30 min follow up session within one month of the first reading.

 Additional information

Although there is an agenda for the session, I always follow the lead of your animal. Sometimes your pet will want to communicate about a topic that has importance for them, something you’ve not directly asked about. Often pets have a direct message for their owners, something they want you to know.
Animals, like children, can mirror our behavior. What your animal shows with his/her behavior can show you valuable information about yourself. Your animal may want an energetic treatment instead of a conversation, for example, if your animal is sick. Communicating this way can be a bit tiring for very young or sick animals because they are energetically with me and this requires their focused concentration.


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