What is naturopathy for animals

This is a way of looking at an animal that observes both physical condition and character, living conditions, the relationship with the owner and many more things. Like humans, animal well-being depends on many factors. By looking really at the animal, physically, as well as mentally and emotionally, it becomes often clear and the cause of the (chronic) illness can be addressed.

The treatment is done by giving advice and measures, using natural remedies and / or therapies to optimize self-healing ability. The treatment methods are often given in combination and may include blossom therapy, aromatherapy, phytotherapy, Ttouch, massage, homeopathy and cell salts.

What does a consultation look like?

A consultation will take about 1 hour in which I will  ask  very thorough for the situation and complaints of the animal now, but also the history of the animal. In addition, physical and energetic research is also being done. In this way, a complete image of your animal is created and personalized advice can be made. After all, every animal is unique and therefore needs unique treatment.

For whom

All animals are welcome! It does not matter if you have a dog, cat, horse, chicken, goat or other animal. Your animal does not necessarily have to have a physical complaint. For example, behavioral problems, nutritional advice or a general check up .


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